“…thank you for putting so much thought, time, energy and heart into our wonderful wedding!” Jane Zdrowski – Bride

“We would have had a completely different experience of our wedding day had you not been there”  Beth Eborn – Bride

“…a true professional, and such a lovely person to work with.” Marianne Taylor – Photographer

“She has an eye for style and detail…” Sandra Gaikwad – Florist

“Kim, thank you for putting so much thought, time, energy and heart into our wonderful wedding! It was a beautiful, memorable day and not only did we enjoy every minute, our guests did too! I can’t say enough positive things about Kim and the services she provided! From our first meeting to the wedding day itself, Kim was involved in every aspect. She helped source the fantastic vendors, including photographer Marianne Taylor. It was also enormously helpful to sit down with Kim and go through key questions to ask each of the vendors; this was especially important for our wedding, which combined traditional elements from English, American and Korean weddings Kim was truly a joy to work with – every bit as thorough, organised, calm and collected as she was enthusiastic! Kim asked all the right questions and really listened to me; she helped define the style of our wedding (she knew exactly what style I wanted just from seeing the wedding dress!) and was able to focus on all the small details to make that vision come true. In this day and age, where brides are inundated with information from wedding magazines and blogs, it was great to have Kim there to keep me on the right track! Most important of all, perhaps, were the “day of ” services provided by Kim. Put simply, Kim is the reason I was able to relax and enjoy the day. Kim, I can’t thank you enough for that gift!”

Jane Zdrowski – Bride

“It turned out to be such a perfect day and I thank you so much for everything that you did for us. You were absolutely brilliant and several people commented on how lovely, calm and good at your job you were. Even being the complete control freak that I am, I managed to not worry about any of the logistical or organisational details as I knew you had it all covered. I know for a fact that we would have had a completely different experience of our wedding day had you not been there to take away a load of the responsibility and worry away from us. I’m so glad I decided to get you involved in our wedding. Thanks once again for being so on top of everything. We cannot wait to see the pictures!”

Beth Eborn – Bride

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Kim. Having her there on the day overlooking everything meant that the couple was more relaxed, and were able to fully enjoy their big day – as a photographer it’s of course much nicer documenting people enjoying themselves instead of stressing out about different aspects of the day. Kim took very good care of us vendors and we were at all times informed of what was going on, which made our job much easier. She was a true professional, and such a lovely person to work with. I hope that we’ll get lots of opportunities to work together in the future!”

Marianne Taylor – Photographer

“Hi Kim, Hope you got a well deserved rest after the wedding! Just wanted to say you did an amazing job! The wedding couldn’t have been more perfect!”

Chantal – Bridesmaid

“It was lovely as well as very professional dealing with Kim. She has an eye for style and detail, which all matter when it comes to making your day special and exactly the way you imagine it to be.”

Sandra Gaikwad – Florist