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Get Personal

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No matter what the wedding budget, the recurring theme for a lot of the couples I meet is the desire to incorporate lots of personal touches into their wedding day. I absolutely love the idea of giving guests a personal message inside of, or as part of, their place card/escort card. It can make guests really feel thought of by the couple and even more welcomed as an individual on … Continue reading

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The Receiving Line: What to Consider

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Traditionally, a receiving line provides the bride, groom and wedding hosts with an opportunity to personally greet and thank each of their guests for coming to the wedding. More often than not, couples are now taking tradition and adapting it to suit what they want for their wedding, and what they feel their guests would appreciate. This often means the receiving line no longer makes an appearance. Some couples feel … Continue reading


A Treat for Your Guests

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London is without a doubt a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. Working in and around the capital has meant that quite often at least one person in the couples I meet comes from abroad. When meeting with these couples, the reccurring sentiment is how grateful they are that their guests will be going to such great efforts of time and expense to join them for their wedding. Being American-Filipino … Continue reading