“Why did you choose the name Roseberry Weddings?”

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I am often asked “Why did you choose the name Roseberry Weddings?”
So I thought I would explain the answer on here.

For a few years while still working in financial markets, I dreamt of running my own wedding planning business. It started out as a dream but soon grew into a solid goal that I so badly wanted to turn into a reality.

As time went on, my heart wasn’t in my job anymore and I simply didn’t look forward to going to work. Every day I reluctantly took the 341 bus from Islington to Fleet Street and, rather than think about my work day ahead, my mind would be fixed on my future business, what I would call it and how I would run it.

One of the last roads on my daily bus journey before I arrived at work was Rosebery Avenue. It hit me to be the perfect name.

If I made the leap and started my own wedding planning business, the name would be a daily reminder of how very much I longed for it while I was in my old career.

If I never had the courage and self-belief to do it, and was still making that daily journey into my old job, the name would again serve as a daily reminder of the dream I never brought to life.

The name Roseberry Weddings reminds me why I started this business and how very grateful I am that I did.

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  1. I’m currently in the same situation as you were .. ok, it’s not Fleet Street but I work in the city and travel daily … I’m almost there … I nearly have enough work to make the break as you did – with some luck and hard work, 2013 may just be the year !!

    Thanks, Arron :)

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