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I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Gavin Smith from The Bespoke Wine Company to talk about what their team can provide for couples before, during and after their wedding. In addition to their core services to wine merchants within the UK, The Bespoke Wine Company works closely with couples to help choose and supply wine for their wedding celebrations. They also provide a wine gift list service, perfect for couples wanting to start their own wine collection together.

What makes The Bespoke Wine Company special in my eyes is that each client gets a very personal service from a team who are committed to sourcing quality wines. Roseberry Weddings shares the same approach to ensuring each couple’s unique needs are met to a high standard.

Here are a few words from Gavin himself…

What can a client expect when working with The Bespoke Wine Company?

“I provide a one-to-one consultancy service where I listen to exactly what my clients are after and work closely with them to establish the perfect wines for their wedding celebrations. A couple’s wine needs will vary according to their personal tastes, their budget, the number of guests and their food choices. I take all of these factors into account and we then taste and talk through a range of suggestions. I also provide food and wine matching advice.”

(Note: The Bespoke Wine Company arranges delivery and collection of wines free of charge to events and can supply wines on a sale or return basis.) 

Why not just head to a wholesaler for wedding wines?

“I am a highly qualified (Diploma in Wines and Spirits) and experienced wine buyer who has been purchasing wines for merchants and individuals for many years. I also source wines from merchants all across the UK so I really can put the best wines forward at every price range, rather than a limited selection from one wholesaler.”


Why are wine gift lists growing in popularity?

“More often than not, couples these days are living together before marrying and so they tend to already have the household items that were traditionally put on wedding gift lists. Wine has been growing in popularity in the UK over the last twenty years and now people are getting really excited about the range available here. Tasting and exploring beautiful wines is a great hobby for couples since a bottle of wine is the perfect accompaniment to a romantic dinner or even simply for adding a little excitement to a normal meal. Most importantly, a good bottle of wine is always one shared, whether that be as a couple or at dinner parties with friends and family. Wine is synonymous with good times and by having your own collection you will always have the right wine for the right occasion.  A wedding gift list is the perfect opportunity to really kick start that collection as it enables you to instantly have a wide range of wines at your fingertips for every occasion.”

What advice do you give couples when building their gift list?

“It always depends on individual budgets and where the couple are on their individual wine journey. It is important to create the right unique cellar for each couple. It’s also important to have a balance of wine ranging from everyday drinking to celebration wines. Buying the most expensive wine out there is not necessarily going to give you the most enjoyment and everyone is at different stages of their wine development. Speaking to individual couples on what they enjoy drinking helps me understand what they are looking for. Whether you are just at the beginning of the journey or well on your way, there is something for everyone.”

What does The Bespoke Wine Company provide over and above the wine gifts themselves?

“Once your wine gift list has been finalised we put together a bespoke booklet for you to keep, outlining all the wines in your collection along with tasting notes, peak drinking times, food and wine matching ideas and a personal message from your wedding guest who bought that particular wine. We also offer an after-sales service where couples can re-order any of the wines, or seek advice on styles or producers they have enjoyed.”

I got so excited hearing about the lovely wineries Gavin has visited, I asked him to put together a mixed case for me. He didnt disappoint and the extensive notes on each wine in my case makes the drinking experience even more enjoyable. Thank you Gavin! 

Image credits: Wine glasses via The Gift of Wine, Wine Tasting courtesy of The Bespoke Wine Company

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